"If you can run, you can play..." ft. Jeff Sarau [ FULL EPISODE ] - Unpluggered

Episode 34

6.34: "If you can run, you can play..." ft. Jeff Sarau [ FULL EPISODE ]

It's a frustrating time to be a Saints fan. Luckily we think we can provide some sense and clarity in amongst the madness. But maybe not. You let us know?

Plus: JEFF SARAU! An undersized ruckman at just 191cm, the moustachioed "Pup" played 226-games for the St Kilda Football Club, winning two club Best & Fairest awards (1975, 1977) and being inducted into the St Kilda FC Hall of Fame in 2010.

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Thanks as always to the great Lloyd Spiegel for the use of his "OWTS" as our intro track!

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