2.4: Zooming through isolation with Tim Membrey & Arryn Siposs - Unpluggered

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2.4: Zooming through isolation with Tim Membrey & Arryn Siposs

He's a lifelong Saints fan who ended up playing 28 games for his favourite club, and hes now on the verge of a completely new career in American with NFL franchise, Detroit Lions. Arryn Siposs has spent the last few years honing the American Football craft of 'punting,' putting to good use his booming 'Superboot,' having kicked 21 goals over 5 years in the AFL system. We talk to Arryn about his career in RWB, as well as his time in Alabama playing in front of 90,000 fans at the famed Auburn University and his next steps on transitioning to the NFL.

But, before we even get to our featured guest, we stop to check in with Saints forward and leadership group member, Tim Membrey, about his time in isolation, as well as looking back at Round 1 and how the game played out.

This podcast was produced in isolation via a Zoom conference call.

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Thanks as always to the brilliant Lloyd Spiegel for the use of his "When The Saints Go Marching In."

Go Saints!

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